There’s a woman in my class who wears the best clothes like, she wears crop top skirt sets even though she’s bigger, and her hair is greenish blue, and she has cats eye glasses, and today she was wearing one of those olive green army jackets and I WANT ONE SO BAD WHERE DO YOU EVEN GET ONE?

…I open Steam to find a game called “Dying Light” and immediately think about “Do not go gentle into that good night.”

I really wonder why anyone bothers to ask me why I became an English major when I see zombies and think Dylan Thomas.

mine did the same thing, i have a rly old version of eilin + no meera at all. :/ kami suggested it might have something to do with the developer console being enabled

I just think it’s really funny, given that Shea is terrible at being the “Champion of Kirkwall.” It’s like he just backed away and let everyone else show up. I don’t actually have developersconsole on because this is a brand new PC and I haven’t actually played much yet.

lol, so my profile on BSN has synced every Hawke except Shea. Good job Shea. You would fail at that.

“Whatever you do don't think about Sosi and Dora and Varric lounging together somewhere in Skyhold all swapping stories of adventures they had before meeting up and before long the stories change to where Lavellans are telling this story about this pair of elves who met a most peculiar dwarf and Varric suddenly gets the feeling his shirt just isn't low-cut but may in fact be completely off in their perception.”


“Whatever you do don't think about college AU Sosi and Dora, wearing matching t-shirts, sharing earbuds to listen to music from one's phone, Sosi wearing a cute maxi skirt and Dora in jean leggings, killing time lounging around outside on a green space in the sunshine because evening class isn't until 6 and honestly on a day like this who can be cooped up looking for required readings when they can catnap instead.”






if my professor skates over the fact that Sonnet 20 is literally Shakespeare saying “yo I’m super gay” I’m gonna be pissed

yeah I’m angry about bi erasure too. 

As a straight woman I feel the same way about erasure of GLBT people. Not intending to be offensive or anything so apologies if this is offensive but how do we know that Shakespeare’s sonnets in general are autobiographical? AFAIK that sonnet was dedicated to a man, but the feelings in the text may not be Shakespeare the poet’s but those of a persona, which doesn’t disprove or prove that he wasn’t or was gay. But then again, people in general don’t know all that much about Shakespeare’s personal feelings so anything people say is guesswork

Why would Shakespeare have invented a gay poetry writing persona when m/m activity was literally punishable by death?

I’m gonna go off on some wild guesswork here, but it’s almost like we know he was married to a woman and they had three children, but he addressed 126 stunningly lovely sonnets to men. It’s almost like we know the rest of his poems were addressed to a lady. It’s almost like Shakespeare’s works lend themselves to queer readings because he was queer and enjoyed playing with and subverting traditional notions of gender/ courtly love/ poetry. This is pretty radical, but maybe writers write about things because they want to express their lived experiences and desires. 

In conclusion, LOVE THAT BISEXUAL. 


Follow me:

Who whips out a fucking cello on the train? He’s got one of those mixing recording things where he’s layering repetition of different elements of the song.

On a cello. On a high speed train.

Someone’s playing the cello on my train. How does this keep happening?


Zevran is my favorite Dragon Age character, hands down, no competition. As such, I was really sad to hear that he wasn’t going to be appearing in Inquisition.

So, as a tribute to Zevran, here’s a theoretical Inquisition-era design of him as leader of the Antivan Crows. Design isn’t exactly my specialty, but I had a lot of fun doing this.

Wow that was patronizing and creepy. I had a problem with my train pass and had to talk to the attendant and he said “oh it looks like you were a bad girl this morning!” I apparently hadn’t had my pass tag me out but oh my god. He said it in a sing-song voice too.

Found a new squirrel friend!

Gender is so fucking complex. I’m simultaneously furious about having my perceived womanhood denied due to being fat while wanting to gleefully throw that womanhood out of the window and smell and dress like a boy. (it’s always boy for me, not man. Perhaps this is because I find men inherently threatening.) At any rate, it’s confusing as hell.

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